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Übung zur Übersetzung Englisch-Deutsch

  Content   This is one of the two courses that could originally be taken in order to obtain the obligatory Oberstufenschein in English-German translation required for admittance to the state examination (§48 and §68 LPO), but we are not currently offering it. The Einführung has been renamed "Translation" and is now the standard course.

The Übung is the more advanced of the two courses, since it devotes less (but still some) time to translation strategies and concentrates more on the actual translation of texts.

In addition, we will discuss your translation homework in class, and you will get feedback on your personal performance.

  Material   You will find digital material (source texts and a suggestion for translation) online in my password-protected StudOn area for this course.

I will also upload the translations we have made in class every week.

In order to be able to access the material for this particular course, you will need to register with a password that I will give you during the first meeting.

  Requirements   You must have passed the Sprachpraktischer Aufbaukurs to be admitted to this course.
  Credits   In order to obtain a Schein for this course, participants need to attend regularly and pass the final examination. 

If you pass the final examination, you will get a marked Schein worth 3 ECTS credits.

  Recommended literature   Please check my English language section for recommended literature on translation.
  Links   Free online dictionaries
      Typical translation mistakes