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  This page is the starting point for a collection of material and links related to the study of linguistics - and English linguistics in particular.
  Links   You may want to take a look at my collection of linguistics links.
      Other link collections I find useful are e.g. those provided by
Karen Chung
the SIL




The  LINGUIST List produces the most important newsletter for linguists world-wide (a real must-have): learn about the latest conferences, books and other news in linguistics. 
I recommend the LITE version, which bundles all the messages in one e-mail a day. 





ISLE, the International Society for the Linguistics of English, fulfils the role of a global umbrella organisation to the large number of specialised and country-specific associations related to the study of English and/or linguistics.

  Blogs   Linguists write blogs, too - and the results are not only informative but also entertaining. Students of linguistics may even recognise some of the names from their linguistics textbooks.
Language log
John Wells's Phonetics blog
David Crystal's blog
  Literature   The LinguisTicker automatically searches for articles on language and linguistics in the Newsfeeds of German online newspapers. It thus gives you up-to-date information on what language-/linguistics-related topics the general public is currently interested in.
      Raymond Hickey is Professor of English Linguistics in Trier. His online material provides a very readable introduction to the essentials of English linguistics.
  Fun linguistics   Of course all aspects of linguistics are fascinating and may be fun to the initiated.

However, there are certain aspects of linguistics that are more generally regarded as entertaining - even by non-linguists. This is what FUN LINGUISTICS is all about.