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Idiomaticity and style


The course Idiomaticity and Style starts by introducing linguistic tools for the analysis of English registers (e.g. the principles described in the works of Douglas Biber). Since the focus is on increasing participants' idiomatic use of English, you will get to know various online resources (dictionaries, corpora and software) which can support you in developing your language skills. 

In the course of the semester, we will deal in depth with different types of text (such as recipes or text messages). You will analyse various texts on your own or in small groups and determine their situational context and linguistic features. 

We are going to collect the characteristic variables, which you will then use to actively produce your own texts. These texts, whose linguistic and stylistic appropriateness will be discussed in class, form the basis for the participants' individual portfolios on register. 

At the end of the course, you will have developed your competence to

analyse different registers systematically with regard to their distinctive features
write stylistically adequate texts belonging into different registers
use online resources effectively to produce idiomatically correct English.
  Material   The online material for this course will be uploaded to my password-protected StudOn area.
  Bibliography   Biber, Douglas and Susan Conrad (2009): Register, Genre, and Style. Cambridge: CUP. 
      Biber, Douglas (1995): Dimensions of Register Variation: A Cross-Linguistic Comparison. Cambridge: CUP. 
      Biber, Douglas (1988): Variation across Speech and Writing. Cambridge: CUP.
  Useful links   My dictionary and corpus links are of particular interest to participants of this course.

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