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Aufbaukurs Language

  Content   In contrast to the Grundkurs, which concentrated on your receptive language skills, the focus of the Aufbaukurs will lie on your productive language skills

We will deal with different aspects of English language, such as grammar, vocabulary, translation and writing, and discuss a variety of texts in class.

As the course is designed as a coached self-study course, you are expected to do a considerable amount of homework every week. 

The course ends with a written examination whose date is still to be announced in class.

  Material   You will find digital material online in my password-protected StudOn area for this course.

In order to be able to access the material for this course in StudOn, you will first need to register with a password that I will give you during the first meeting.

  Obligatory reading  
Aufbaukurs course booklet. The digital version is available in StudOn. I will tell you where you can get a bound printed version during the first meeting.
ReMedial Grammar Advanced: Do the section on non-finite verbs. Please sign up for this course at the Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern.
Sammon, Geoff (2006): Exploring English Grammar. Berlin: Cornelsen.
[This grammar book, which you have already used in your Grundkurs, is aimed at German learners of English.]
Swan, Michael (2005): Practical English Usage. 3rd ed. Oxford: OUP.
[A very useful reference book that you should already know from your Grundkurs as well. You will be tested on the relevant lessons from Swan in the final examination. ]
  Additional reading  
Addison, Tony and Chris Perkins (1997): Practice with Prepositions. A Practice and Reference Book for German-Speaking Learners of English. Southampton: Englang.
Berman, Michael (1996): Pizazz! Puzzles and Exercises for Students of English. Southampton: Englang.
  Useful links   See my English language links.
  Links mentioned in class   You may wish to take a second look some of the internet material referred to in class.

Unit 1

Practise summary writing