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Sherlock Holmes

      Staatsexamen (Herbst 2005, nicht vertieft)
Abridged and adapted from: "A four-pipe poseur." Alfred Hickling
on The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes, edited by Leslie S. Klinger. In: The Guardian, December 4, 2004.






Picture reproduced with kind permission from

The Sherlock Holmes Museum 
221b Baker Street, London, England 

  Read on   Read the full review "A four-pipe poseur" instead of the abridged state examination version.
      Find out what happened at the Reichenbach Falls - in the story "The Death of Sherlock Holmes" from The Adventure of the Final Problem (1893).
  Film   If words are not enough, watch the film snippet Sherlock Holmes against Professor Moriarty.
  Setting   Contemplate pictures of the actual Reichbach Falls, with a classical soundtrack Sherlock Holmes may have enjoyed, in A Sherlockian's Pilgrimage.
      Take a closer look at the Sherlock Holmes Memorial Plaque from that "documentary".
  Sherlockiana   Where does Sherlock Holmes live? In Baker Street. And that is also where you will find a beautiful little museum in London.
      If you want to delve even deeper into Sherlockian mysteries, try www.sherlock-holmes.com.
  Chekhov   Brief biographies of Anton Chekhov from Wikipedia and Online-Literature.