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Shakespeare, The Movie

      Staatsexamen (Herbst 2008, vertieft)
From: Boose, Lynda E. & Richard Burt (eds) (1997).
Shakespeare, The Movie. London: Routledge.
  Shakespeare   If a site is called Absolute Shakespeare, it should provide plenty of information on the famous bard. And indeed, it does. You can even download all his plays and sonnets there.
  Quotes   You would like to spice up your discourse by using Shakespearean quotes?
Then go to enotes, where over 200 of the most famous Shakespeare quotes are situated within their context. You can also download the plays and poems they come from.
Moreover, the site hosts an amazing amount of information on literary texts and is highly recommendable if you want to get a quick overview of a particular piece of literature.
      If you are more interested in impressing a German-speaking audience, then www.zitate.de is a great resource for finding all kinds of quotes.
  Kenneth Branagh   At the Internet Movie Database, you will find everything you ever wanted to know about Kenneth Branagh. The links in Kenneth Branagh's filmography lead you to a wealth of information.
      If you have never seen Kenneth Branagh act before, look at this snippet from the all-time romantic classic Much Ado About Nothing. He plays the role of Benedick, who believes (or pretends?) NOT to be in love with Beatrice. You can surely guess how it ends...