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On Translation

  Automatic translation tools   Even though automatic translation tools are getting better all the time, they still cannot replace the human translator.
This will become clear when you play around with the following free online programmes:
Babelfish The classic. What more to say?
Google Translate Getting increasingly popular, but it did not reach the same quality as Babelfish for my test sentences.
      Yet understanding a homepage in an entirely unknown language is much aided by these programmes, particularly when you already have a vague idea of the page's content.
  Mistranslation   As the text says, mistranslations are quite frequent - and some of them are outright funny.
Check Alphadictionary's collection of funny English signs all over the world.
There is even a whole book devoted to the topic: Lost in Translation, by Charlie Croker.
  Read on   Thus, translators have a special responsibility because they may actually shape their readers' world view. Read more about this issue in an online translation journal .