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      I have used the mixed bag of information below in my weekly class intros.
  Yes, Virgina, there is a Santa Claus   Enjoy an American Christmas classic read out on YouTube.
    Alternatively, take a look at the linguistic parody of the text.
  ASCII art   What can you do with punctuation marks (and symbols)?
Find out more about ASCII art.
Get plenty of examples.
Create your own ASCII art from photographs.
  Usage guides   On the site with the telling name bridgingtheunbridgeable.com, linguists from the university of Leiden comment on usage questions and usage guides, thereby attempting to bridge the gap between prescriptivists, the general public and descriptive linguistics.
  British literature map   One of my students told me about this beautiful literary map of Great Britain, in which the names of 181 British writers compose the well-known geographical shape by representing the area the individual writers are most closely associated with.
  Special ways of writing   Discover special alphabets (some of which make use of humans or objects to represent letters) and ambigrams (i.e. writing that can be read not only in the usual way but also upside down).
  Idiosyncratic place names   English place names are often pronounced in an unexpected way. Thus the pronunciation of Cirencester is fairly close to that of sister. In case of doubt, you may wish to consult a pronouncing dictionary such as the Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary. Click here for a demo. 
  PhD Comics   Jorge Cham's PhD Comics reveal a profound knowledge of the academic world, whose particularities he exaggerates in a very funny way. You can subscribe to a free mailing list. Highly recommendable!  
  Problem areas for learners   There are different types of problem students may encounter while learning English. This short little film shows them with a wink.
  Kicktionary   Thomas Schmidt's kicktionary provides the interested reader with lexicographical information on the vocabulary of soccer in English, German and French.
  Wepsite   If you like English jokes and cartoons, discover the Wepsite.
  Christmas   There are many nice Christmas-related sites on the internet:
For instance, you can get a very detailed impression of British Christmas customs and traditions.
Or you might want to sing along to some of the most famous English Christmas carols, with both lyrics and background music being provided.