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Transcription and syntactic analysis based on ISAAVA

  Content   In this course, you will develop two types of skill:
We will transcribe English texts phonologically using the International Phonetic Alphabet.
We will analyze the syntax of English sentences following the valency model set out in ISAAVA (Introduction to Syntactic Analysis - A Valency Approach by Herbst and Schüller 2008).
  Material   You will find digital material online in my password-protected StudOn area for this course.

In order to be able to access the material for this particular course, you will first need to register with a password that I will give you during the first meeting.

  References   Transcription
      Jones, Daniel (172006): Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary. Cambridge: CUP. [EPD] 
      Wells, John (32008): Longman Pronunciation Dictionary. London: Longman. [LPD]
      Syntactic analysis
      Herbst, Thomas, and Susen Schüller (2008): Introduction to Syntactic Analysis: A Valency Approach. Tübingen: Narr. [ISAAVA] 
      Quirk, Randolph, et al. (1985): A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language. London: Logman. [CGEL]
  Useful links   See my linguistics links, particularly the section on phonetics and phonology.

A free online dictionary with IPA transcriptions is provided by PONS.